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Pass on your old films and choose something new!

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FiLMCiRCLE exchanges your old DVDs for new ones. It's green and it costs less than anywhere else.

You can choose from 80,000 films and TV box sets... If it's not available today, it will arrive in the post when it is available.*

Is it like rental?

It's more rewarding. DVD and Blu-Ray come
with their original cover and all the disks in the set. And they're yours to keep, or pass on again.

It doesn't cost the earth

FiLMCiRCLE is eco-friendly re use. Making one DVD creates more carbon than leaving a 100W light bulb on for a week (Disney).

Trees reduce carbonRe use your existing resources
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What do people say?

"Once you've tried FiLMCiRCLE for a week, you're hooked!" Elaine, Coventry

"FiLMCiRCLE works! We’ve got loads of disks we don’t watch any more, and we get to watch something different."
Tigre, Kent

Do we keep our old disks or choose something new? It's a no-brainer!"
Davis, Ipswich

"TV ad breaks ruin a film. DVDs are a treat and now I always have a new one at the ready" Mullins, Norfolk

"What I love most about FiLMCiRCLE is a great film that cost me nothing"
Ruthi, Kenilworth

Who are we?

A small, ethical team of film lovers who like the idea of sharing things to keep costs down. We’re here to help and we answer personally and promptly.

* You must be offering enough credit